Contemplating Building an Arc

It has been raining forever. Well, probably not that long, but it feels like it. Vermont weather, be gone!! Bring back the droughty Colorado sunshine I have come to love! I’ve told the dog to start looking for a match, in case he needs to march, two by two, onto a large boat in the near future. It could happen.

So much has happened since my last post! Well, one really big thing, I guess. We’ve moved! I am completely in love with the new house, new yard, new cookie-bearing neighbors, the hot tub in my own private aspen grove, the oh-so-nearby trails, the biking to work (which has been severely hampered by the endless precipitation), and the thrush, robin, dove, goldfinch, chickadee, flicker, and other myriad birds and creatures that make their home in the yard.

I’ll say more about the house soon, and post some photos with our furniture in it. I guess that means I’ll have to take some photos with our furniture in it. Hmm. Yes, well, I’ll get right on that as soon as the sun comes back out and provides some light. One thing I do not love about the new house is the lack of light. It has a lot of windows, but not many lights. Windows aren’t much use when it is grey and gloomy 24-7.

So, photos soon. In the mean time, do whatever the opposite of a rain dance is. A sun dance? An anti-rain dance? A sit-on-your-butt and hope the weather changes. Something like that.

Starlings, round 2

I saw one of the adult starlings zoom past my bathroom window this morning and lots of loud cheeping from the usual spot. Sounds like they’ve had another clutch.

The river is high, what with all the rain, and the patch of invasive knotweed is thriving. I’m surrounded by invasive species. When will I stop considering them as such. Starlings are here to stay. So is knotweed, probably. Is it nostalgia for a time unknown to me that makes me wish for a reversal of the Colombian exchange?

Its an interesting thing to ponder over my coffee (from Africa or South America, probably), toast (wheat from Europe), and peanut butter…hmmm…that one might be from Asia. Exotics are yummy? I love hypocrisy in the morning.