Florida or Bust


This week, I’m trading snow, cold, and “frozen fog” for fun, sun, family, and friends in Florida. After 4.5 hours of sleep (thanks, baby!) I was up early to get ready and finish shoving waaaaay too many things in my new diaper bag of Mary Poppins proportions (Need a snack, blanket, change of clothes, coffee, and table lamp? No problem, got it all right here in my bag.). I was a little overpacked in the carry-on department, but this was my first solo flight with baby and I wanted to be prepared.

I arrived in Florida this afternoon bleary-eyed and covered in a thin layer of ritz cracker dust, snot, and tears (it was a rough descent for a certain small person). But we are in one piece and with a good night’s rest (thanks in advance, baby!), I’ll be ready for anything Tuesday can throw at me. Big decisions like: playground or pool? Which pool? Nap or read?