I’m a 30-something mama, science-writer, photographer, publication designer, ex-ecologist, facilitator, and professional cat herder. I live in northern Colorado with my awesome husband, the youngest child of a big midwestern family, and our son. This blog is about a lot of things, and nothing really. On any given day I might write about my family, food, gardening, travel, adventures, life in general…there are no rules here.

Photographs are not for re-use. Want to use one? Drop me a line at sarahshortstack at gmail dot com.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings Sarah! I live in northern Colorado too. And I write about food, gardening, travel and adventures! Except I don’t have a dog. Only a very special cat…
    Thanks for sharing here!

  2. OMG I also have a Border Collie (Domino The Wonder Dog) possibly the most intelligent breed in the world owned by definitely the most stupid owners on the planet – we even got kicked out of dog obedience 😦 I’m also very random in my posts but I’m not american, and I’m in my forty somethings, so unfortunately I have not just stumbled across my long lost twin. Will, however, be following you….but not in a creepy stalker way!

  3. The post with the cutest llamas on earth have piqued my (and my side-kick almost 5 year old girl’s) nterest. Just the most fun…thanks for sharing. I love your About page and want to see what else I love on here:) Thanks for sharing!

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