My (in)Famous Family

On July 5th, Ben and his best buddy Gus made the local paper because the wore red, white, and blue and sat on the curb to watch the 4th of July parade together and looked absolutely adorable (if I do say so myself). I don’t have a link to the origional article anymore, but here’s the photo:

Photo courtesy of the Coloradoan

Photo courtesy of the Coloradoan

We have no idea who the little girl is. She just plunked herself down on the curb next to them and they all had a lovely time together while us mamas talked and got caught up on life. After this came out, my dad photocopied or scanned the photo onto a blank sheet of paper and entertained himself for days writing captions for what Ben and Gus were saying to each other. Now its your turn!

Not to be outdone by my child, I too have made the paper. Here I am, looking not at all pregnant (thanks, photographer Erin Hooley for the awesome angle and timing!) stuffing backpacks for middle-school kids who need a few supplies to start off the school year. It was a way to give back a little to my community, reflect and be thankful that 1) I don’t have a school-aged kid yet and 2) if I did, I could afford back-to-school supplies. Not everyone can. And 3) be honored to work for a place (Colorado State University) that encourages volunteerism and giving.

Photo courtesy of the Coloradoan/Erin Hooley

Photo courtesy of the Coloradoan/Erin Hooley

I bet your community has a back to school program for kids in need. Google it and find out how to give. Then, grab an extra box of pens, highlighters, or even a calculator or jump drive while you’re out getting stuff for your littler person and donate today! Every kid deserves to start the school year off on the right foot.



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