Meet the flock

As promised, here’s an intro to the flock:

This is Elphaba. Named after the Wicked Witch of the West character in Gregory Maguire’s “Wicked.” Her iridescent green feathers make me think of the Witch’s green skin. She’s a very pretty hen. At her old place, she got out once and injured her foot. She’s a little gimpy, but gets around just fine, even up and down the ramp into the coop. She is very affectionate and likes to be petted and scratched on the head. Based on her behavior this morning–bouts of clucking and anxiously scrambling into a next box–I suspect she laid the first egg.


Next up is Ophelia. She’s a Silky. A small, super fluffy chicken with a great pom-pom for a head. She’s lowest on the pecking order because of her size. Her quirk is that she loves to roost in the doorway of the coop. I have to nudge her inside at night so I can shut the door.


And the last chicken has no name yet. She is also a love–tonight she ruffled up her neck feathers so I would scratch under them. She is probably the top hen, if I had to guess. I suspect she is the layer of the second egg–but only because she’s a big girl and I am expecting that they’ll lay once a day while little Ophelia might only be an every other day egg kinda gal.

What shall we call this girl? Suggestions in the comments, please!



4 thoughts on “Meet the flock

  1. What cute chickens (and great names!). My father used to have chickens near his office and whenever I’d drop by, I loved how they would all run over to greet me (probably hoping I had food).

    Fragola means strawberry in Italian. That could be a cute name….

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