Funny Business

Ted: “Aaah-chooo!”

Ted: “Ahhh-ahhh-chooo!”

Ben: hysterical laughing

Its funny what babies think is funny. Ben is totally in a slapstick phase. He thinks funny noises and big, awkward gestures are hilarious. This morning, he and his buddy G were walking, crawling around the house fake-sneezing and cracking up. Funny stuff, sneezing is. According to Ben, so is sticking out your tongue and farting (not necessarily simultaneously). Yup. Farts are already funny. Ted thinks this is great. Boys.

Ben is a full-fledged walker now. He seems to still need to hold onto something to stand up, but that skill will come with time. He walks with his hands held high, for balance, and his walk is pretty stiff legged and lurchy still. Its very cute is what it is. Obviously, I’m biased. He’s taken to walking from the car into school in the mornings and I think this act of independence, even though we hold hands the whole time, has really made a difference in that daily transition. He will grip my finger tightly on the sidewalk and in the parking lot, but often times, will let go once we are in the building and head straight for his classroom and find a toy to play with. The tearful goodbyes have been almost entirely erased. Its a joy to see him coming into his own.

When we get home, its time for more walking. He’ll grip my finger and drag me down the driveway, down the sidewalk, and even out into the street (we are starting to work on looking both ways first). We march around for a bit before I suggest we go inside for a snack. “Nack?” he’ll say? And then pull me up the driveway and into the house.

Snack, or “nack” is one of his more recent words. Other vocabulary additions of late include, “upease” (up, please), “heppease” (help, please), “door,” “sssss” (what the snake says), and “ooooo” (what the wolf says), and “boom!”. He tries out lots of words, but it takes a bit before they enter the regular babble or maybe before I recognize them as words. Its a fun time–communication is my favorite. We have so much fun with it and so much more so now that it’s 2-way.

No post would be complete without a photo, so here’s a before-bed selfie to wrap things up.

Nite nite.

Nite nite.



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