2/365: Snow-day reflections

I took a personal “snow day” yesterday and went with my neighbor, M, up to Loveland to try out some skis and get in a few turns. A couple of weeks ago, I’d taught M how to ski and we took the opportunity to refine and build on what she’d learned. Plus we had great, funny conversations in the car and on the lift. Skiing was once a huge part of my life–weekends in VT, racing in high school and college, teaching and coaching for years after that. These days, I tend to see it as an over-priced, not-quite-worth-it luxury. In future years, I hope we can find a way to make it more of a regular thing. Perhaps I’m just nostalgic for the good-old-days, but I’d like my family to be able to go regularly, not just once or twice a year. The hubs asked me to put together a list that summarizes my vision for us in 5 years. I think I’ll put this on the list, only next time, it will be Ben’s reflection in my goggles.



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