Oh, Canada

A couple weeks ago, we tagged a little road trip through the southern Canadian Rockies onto a work trip that brought us to northern Idaho. So close, we though, let’s go!

How was the trip you ask? Depends on who you ask, I say. T deemed it “excellent” upon our return and immediately started plotting another one, this time with float planes and grizzly bears. Baby B protested the long car rides, whacky schedule, and ever changing sleeping situations. I got food poisoning, barfed a lot, and slept for no more than 3 hours at a stretch. See what I mean about who you ask? Ah. Hem.

But the crappy stuff? Not Canada’s fault. Canada made me say “spectacular” about a million times a day. Like, the baby’s first word is going to be “spektaclr” (babies can’t spell, everyone knows that). That or “eh?” because we heard that a million times as well and each time we did I would excitedly loud whisper to T, “They said ‘eh!” It was a trip highlight. Other trip highlights include the gondola ride to the almost top of Sulpher Mtn. and the views of the Canadian Rockies we saw from there and Calgary, a surprisingly multicultural city with great open spaces and very nice people (who say “eh?” a lot).

Here’s the pictorial:










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