Celebration Pizza


I made this pizza tonight. It is inspired by Bev, one of my favorite food bloggers. Grilled chicken, grilled orange and yellow peppers, grilled red onion, sweet local corn, and a tomato fresh from my garden all piled on top of a crispy crust slathered in pesto from last years garden, coated with stringy mozzarella cheese, drizzled with olive oil, and sprinkled with freshly picked basil and parsley.

If summer was a pizza, this would be it. It was a celebration of summer, and gardens, and rain, because we’ve had a lot more of that this year and that’s made my garden oh so happy.

It was a celebration for Bev, who I have never met, but am totally smitten with because of what she cooks and how she writes and her two parasites. She’s expecting twins. Its not a secret. I’m thrilled for her. And she’s using her blog to educate the interwebs about IVF. She’s dispelling myths. She’s a rockstar like that. I think we are kindred sisters. I’m probably blocked from commenting on her blog now forever because this is starting to sound a leetle bit stalkerish. Sorry Bev! I love ya! In a non threatening way!

We scarfed this pizza while watching the first football game of the season. I am ready for fall and football but not for the whole town to be overrun by college students. That’s the funny thing about college towns. There are college students. Lots of them. Annoyingly unavoidable.

I digress.

This pizza was a celebration of football. And watching football in the blissful relaxation that is sitting on the couch and not getting up to go help a certain small person fall asleep because he rocks at that now. Best baby ever. EVER.

This pizza was a celebration of motherhood.

Maybe you had to be there.

What does the end of summer taste like to you?


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