First Father’s Day

Its our first father’s day, you guys.



How precious is that? T has been gone all week for a work thing. He’s had fun but he misses us. We miss him too. No one makes B laugh so hard. He makes sure B is wearing pants; I always skip the pants. I can’t be bothered with pants.

This Sunday is our his Father’s Day. For my first mother’s day, we went to brunch at my new favorite restaurant (a Mediterranean-inspired place). I had mussels and a bloody mary and they were both fabulous. B slept through the whole thing and that was also fabulous, more fabulous in fact.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do for Father’s Day. Well, I know we are going to go look at our hopefully empty townhouse and assess the damage OR evict someone…yeah, there’s that. But otherwise, I’m not sure. It’s also special this year because Papa is here too and its his first time being a Papa. I did get them each a B-inspired gift. Not that I’ve checked the mail at all this week to see if said gift has actually arrived. Checking the mail when I’m flying solo is hard. So is emptying the dishwasher and picking up clothes. I did manage to get the trash and recycling out, so I’m not failing on all fronts, anyway.

What are some good First Father’s Day activities? Lay it on me, you guys.





One thought on “First Father’s Day

  1. Breakfast in bed, going out for lunch, take a hike, and maybe a picnic? Go to a ball game, watch a movie and do take out, and just plain be a couch potato together!

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