The Holiday Card that Wasn’t

The annual holiday card isn’t going to happen this year. There is just too much going on. We finally managed to take our annual family photo today, though. Niece Sara was a great photographer; so patient with her unruly subjects. Here’s a few of my favorites. Which one do you like the best?

aIMG_0125 aIMG_0158 aIMG_0169 aIMG_0237 aIMG_0247 aIMG_0257 aIMG_0258 aIMG_0263 aIMG_0271 aIMG_0273


3 thoughts on “The Holiday Card that Wasn’t

  1. I think i like Third from top and the very last one the best. Lighting is better in the very last one (and assume you could crop or edit out the cyclist!), but I like the poses and smiles and closer up in the third one. Love the colors of your outfits, you both look MAH velous! A very Merry Christmas to you both. We’ll miss being with you.
    I have my birth candle ready to go… let’s get this show on the road! Aunt Julie is very anxious…

  2. I like 3, 6, and the last one (like mother like daughter!). I do like the poses and smiles in 3, but there’s no Fischer, and the background is pretty bright white. I agree that the brown, blue, gray attire ended up working very well since Fischer decided to sport his brown suit! You also seem to fit right in to the landscape, although in some of them you seem a bit too camouflaged–something to consider when picking next year’s outfits.

    P.S. Just in the time it’s taken to write this comment I’ve scrolled through the photos enough to realize that all of the photos look really great. I knew you guys could do it! 🙂

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