My Names for Fischer

My Fischer-Fischy-Boo-Dog


I was reading The Pioneer Woman today, as I often do while I eat my lunch at work and she had written about all of the things she calls her basset hound, Charlie, other than Charlie. Sounds familiar, I thought.

So handsome.

So handsome.

I do this constantly with my dog, Fischer. Over the course of his 12 years, he’s been called, variously:

  • Fishy
  • Fish
  • Brown Pants
  • Boo
  • Boo Dog
  • Buddy
  • Fischer-Boo
  • Lovey
  • Shadow
  • Animal
  • Spike
  • Beast
  • Beasty
  • Bugga-Boo
  • Boo-ba-loo
  • Monkey
  • Buggy
  • Fischer-man

I think I’ve used half of those in the past week. Hmmm.

I wonder, sometimes, if I’m giving him an identity crisis.



3 thoughts on “My Names for Fischer

  1. That’s so sweet! You’re so creative with your nicknames! My dog, Baffi, has a lot of nicknames too, but they all tend to be her name with different endings, except for “the leaning tower of Baffi” for when she falls asleep sitting up πŸ™‚

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