Ready or not…

As of today, we are 30 days from our official “due date” of January 12th. We’re not putting much stake in the actual date, as babies are notoriously unpredictable. Still, its a light at the end of a 9-month-long tunnel and I find some comfort in knowing that at the very least, he’ll be evicted on the 20th if he doesn’t decide to come out on his own.

As of this coming Saturday we’ll be considered “fully cooked.” This actually does freak me out a tad because we are fully unprepared for any eminent, early arrival. No bags are packed, the dresser for the baby’s room is still in pieces in 2 different boxes, the car seat is sitting in the living room and we haven’t even looked at the directions, and I realized the other night that there are some things I might actually NEED that I haven’t gotten around to purchasing yet. Ugh.

Friends assure me that we really only need the car seat and the crib, so, from that perspective, we’re half way there. I will try to stay calm.

I’m frequently asked “How are you feeling?” This seems to be the most popular question to ask pregnant women. I usually just say, “fine” or “good” because really, who wants the details? Honestly, though, these days I am feeling like 3 day old road kill in the spring–a bit puffy. Like, when I take my socks off, my legs look like sausage links. Its very attractive, I assure you. Like, I haven’t worn my wedding ring for a week.

When I sit at my desk, my protruding and itchy belly rests somewhat less than comfortably on my lap. I bump it on things–counter corners, tight spaces. And its makes me self-conscious. I don’t like eating in public anymore because I feel too stereotypical when I do.

35 Weeks.

35 Weeks.

But there are good feelings too. I feel our little guy stretching, wiggling, and cavorting around quite often. We poke and prod him to assess his position and just because its fun to mess with him a bit (he does it right back). We cannot wait to actually meet him. Soon enough, we will, because ready or not, he’s coming!


4 thoughts on “Ready or not…

  1. Both of my girls had to be induced a few days after the due date. I promise you that the last 10 days of your pregnancy? You’ll feel like they last FOR.EV.ERRRRR. Good luck! Make sure you do a few things right now that you’ll never get to do again. Like… leave at the last minute to catch a movie with your husband. Go grocery shopping by yourself. Those types of things. 😉

  2. Can’t wait … We are all so happy for you! Aimee was 3 weeks early … Any time now! My birthday is January 5th! That would be one week early!

  3. It is now Jan 5th. One week and counting down. You looked great 3 weeks ago. Geo and Haley wanted to know if you will stay that fat!!!!! I said of course not because most of the weight is the baby and not all over your body. Does the midwife deliver in the hospital ? Apparently. Hope you have an easy, short delivery . I’ll bet your mother is more excited than you, Ted and your father are!!! They probably still tell the moms to breath deep and push!!! Love, Willie and Carol

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