The Home Stretch

On Saturday, we ticked over a milestone and entered the third trimester. Seems like a good time to recap.

Baby Toopis, 6 weeks. T and I are in shock–in a good way. (iphone photo of ultrasound picture; sorry for blurriness.)

Baby Toopis, 8 weeks. Strong heartbeat and good growth. Shock is wearing off and we are cautiously thrilled.

Me, at 18 weeks.

20 weeks. A little bigger. A few pants still fit. T would like you to notice the lovely lawn. He’s very proud of the lawn.

Baby Toopis at 20 weeks. It’s a boy! We worry that he has a big nose (like his parents).

28 weeks. 20 pounds more than where we started. Look how skinny my legs appear. It is only because they are juxtaposed with my enormous belly. T would like you to know that he raked up those leaves right after this photo was taken. He’s no slacker when it comes to the yard.

So, there you have it. We have 90 days left (give or take) of our life as we know it. These days, I am pretty uncomfortable. Getting in and out of the car is challenging. Things fall on the floor and they are dead to me, basically. I am cooking up a storm, freezing stuffed peppers, quiche, soup, and chili for sometime in February when my parents have gone home and I am too tired to do much more than defrost. We’ve started a birth class and have read a few books so we are basically still totally clueless.

I got my hair cut today and as I walked into the salon I thought, “This might be the last haircut I get before the baby comes.” The next 90 days will be full of “lasts” like this, I’m sure. But the days, weeks, months, and years after that will be full of firsts, and that’s a scary and awesome thought, all at the same time.


2 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. And to think that there will be so many wonderful “firsts” in the coming months. One of those being that you will dream about the day that you will get a little time to yourself to go get your hair cut and have some “me time”. thinking of you as you take the final steps toward motherhood. Best wishes and stay as comfortable as possible : ) Christin

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