A Walk Up the Poudre

Something you probably don’t (want to?) know about me: my sense of humor is roughly that of a 12 year old boy. That’s probably why, when my good friend Jodie asked me if I wanted to walk dogs tonight–up the Poudre–I snickered and giggled and tee-hee-hee’d to myself and said yes.

After last night’s hailstorm, today was gray and dreary. Mr. Sunshine decided to march into the gloomsday parade late in the afternoon, though, so we had perfect weather for a walk up the Poudre (hee hee, I said it again).

The river is running high right now. I had heard that parts of the trail were closed because of flooding. We didn’t encounter that, but there was A LOT of water roaring by. Check it out…

Raging waters. My dad watched some show on The Weather Channel about flood risk along Boulder Creek. This picture's for you, Dad.

At one point, we watched a good sized log race by. That water's movin'! Don't worry Dad, I know where the high ground is and this is really far from the house. We're not likely to be swept away.

Looking up the Poudre. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

This is Izzie-dawg. I think Fischer has a bit of a crush on Izzie. Look at that face? Who wouldn't have a crush on that?

Izzie and her mamma.

Fischer-dawg, all tired out from a long walk. He had to wear his embarassing anti-pull collar on account of his total lack of doggie social skills. He did try to put the moves on Izzie, though. Maybe another walk or two and he'll figure out how to charm her and stop being such a grumpy old man.

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2 thoughts on “A Walk Up the Poudre

  1. I always say I have the sense of humor of a pre-teen boy, too. (Cue Beavis and Butthead snickers.) I used to live down in Durango- love Colorado! Stop by theusualbliss.com sometime!

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