Spring Break 2011: Midwesterners go Skiing

Spring break, 2011 was a fun-filled week. Even though the Coloradoans had to work some, we still enjoyed a great visit with our mid-western visitors. There was skiing, hiking, biking, good food, laughs, and I even got them to play a card game. Oh yeah, and there was basketball. Seemingly endless basketball. They leave tomorrow and we’re sad to see them go. Here’s some photos from the first day of skiing at Eldora. I’ve been told to mention that they got much better as the week went on. By Thursday, it was “big air” and trees,a and black diamond runs all day, dude!

Pointing out the first black diamond run..ever!

I don't know why he looks so miserable.

Dude, dude, dude, duude.

Happy to have survived the first black diamond ever.

Chow time. It was a really warm day so we had lunch outside.

Uh oh. Man down.

Ready to hit the slopes!

Brothers on the chairlift. One brother had rather a lot of trouble riding the chairlift, but I won't say which one.


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