Where I’ve Been

I know, I know. It’s been a while. Even my dad has been on my case, “Why aren’t you blogging?” Who knew my dad’s vocabulary even included the word “blogging”?

Anyway, here’s a little photo tour to catch you up on things:

My dear friend Debbie and I biked 67 miles one hot Saturday in August in the fabulous Venus de Miles, girls-only (even the support staff dressed in drag!) bike ride, a charity for Greenhouse Scholars.

A fall-colors tour of Brekenridge and Nederland in late September.

Fall colors on Kenosha Pass, CO.

The last weekend in September, we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park to hike a favorite trail-Chapin Peak trail. The trail quickly climbs up through the forest, then the krummholz (stunted trees), and then winds along above tree line, over rock skree and past angry picas to the saddle below Chapin Peak. This year, even vegetation in the mountains was noticably drier than the last time we visited this spot. We had an active fire season this year, with several burning close enough to home to smell and see smoke and flames.

Here we are at the saddle below Chapin Peak. It was windy and cool up at this elevation. After hiking back to the car, we drove out of the park, stopping at the visitor's center where I bought "Antlers Forever!" a fantastic book about a young moose in his first antler shedding season. We had dinner in Nederland on the way home.

Our most recent trip--to Columbine CO, just outside of Steamboat Springs. T reserved a secluded, rustic cabin in the aspens. Here Fischer and I are getting aquainted with our new diggs.

Our cosy cabin came with an equally cosy outhouse.

The view from the cabin porch. The big mountain is Hahan's Peak, but we took to calling it "The Schmatterhorn" and then laughing ourselves silly each and every time. We had hoped to climb to the top and take in awesome views, but it snowed, hailed and rained all weekend, dampening out summit plans.

The cabin came with a wood-burning cooking stove/range which was a total mystery to me. I can tell you this--the little box on the side is not where you are supposed to light a fire. Thankfully, there was a gas grill and burner on the porch which did the job nicely.

We did manage to get in a few walks, exploring the area in anticipation of coming back again this winter with snowshoes and x-country skiis. Fischer wore the season's latest fashion trend--hunter orange. He actually really loves dressing up.

We took this one on Friday night on the road up to The Schmatterhorn trailhead.

T kept us warm with fires in the woodstove. Here he shows off his Rainbow Trout Lighter, which he loves (thanks Dad!).

Fischer had a fantastic time (despite his lack of enthusiasm in this particular photo). He adores camping trips. Especially because he gets to get in bed with us in the morning.

So, that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to lately. Basking in the last days of summer and trying to enjoy fall like weather in the mountains (which has been lacking at home). Happy. Healthy. No complaints.

C-ya back here again soon!


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One thought on “Where I’ve Been

  1. Wow! What a great fall (I’m so envious – mine would be a series of snaps of my desk, my classroom, and my bed – with an occasional pic of an airport gate lounge (booo)).

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