Recovering, on several fronts

Last week was one of recovery. The construction crew headed home on Monday and I spent the week adjusting to having a quiet house again. I had kind of gotten used to coming down the stairs in the morning to Nephew Nick sleeping on the couch. Hopefully they will be back again soon, maybe for good.

T and I spent the day cleaning house, doing laundry, and generally getting the place back in order. Not necessarily exciting stuff, but it has to be done. The dog was patient, switching rooms and floors to avoid his arch-nemesis, the vacuum.

I was also recovering from a 6 mile run. Really, I’m trying to recover my good sense. What the hell was I thinking? I signed myself up for a 1/2 marathon!?!? And, now of course, I have to train for the stupid thing. So, not only do I have to run some ungawdly distance in a couple weeks, I have to run pretty close to it in the coming weeks. Ah well. I suppose I’m being a little melodramatic about it. On the upside, I am eating anything and everything I want. That’s a pretty big up side. Fischer-dawg did it too. He’s amazing for a 77 dog-years old guy.

Finally, I have been recovering from the semi-shock of yet another life change in such a short while (there have been lots in the last few short years). On Thursday, I was offered, and accepted a new job. All things considered, this is a pretty minor life change. I will keep my same boss and generally the circle of people I interact with will not change much. I’ll keep my agonizing hour-long commute. I’ll keep doing the same tasks–science communication, coordination (I like to call it “cat herding”), event planning, and meeting facilitation. This position might throw in a tad more report writing and database management,  but that’s fine. I have a nice, new, spacious office to call all my own. Its a few blocks closer to home, so that’s nice. And I’m pretty psyched about the subject matter and program goals–alleviating poverty, helping people in developing countries adapt to climate change. I’m currently contemplating personal goals for this next phase of professional life. Getting a second masters and publishing in a “big” popular magazine (National Geographic, I’m looking at you!) are right up there…but, don’t worry, I plan to also put some achievable goals on the list too.

For those still waiting patiently for photos and detailed status of the basement reports, I promise I’ll get them published soon!

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