…just because

Just because I have been having a rough week and needed a minor success to call my own…

Just because my adopted ecologist was visiting and I felt like doing something special…

And just because I watched the hot Italian lady make it on Sunday morning while I ate my pre-40-mile bike ride breakfast…

I made a cake. This cake.

And it was good.

Key ingredients include almonds, pine nuts, and dried apricots. Oh, and a stick and a half of butter...not for the faint of heart.

I loved this cake so much I called my mom the very next morning to tell her all about it. “Well, I’m not telling your dad about this until after we get back from the shore,” she says. “Right,” I say, “‘Cause he’ll just be miserable thinking about it.” That’s how my dad is. He gets a food item in his head and he’s just gotta have it.

I can sympathize. Completely.

Sorry, Dad.

Same night, I made the best chicken salad ever. This is chicken salad that will change your life. The making of this chicken salad included a long discussion about how to pronounce radicchio and pancetta. You’re welcome to weigh in on that one. The making of this chicken salad also included lots of wine, a lovely contribution from my adopted ecologist.

Creamy chicken salad topped with crispy, golden brown smoked ham. It's almost unfair.

Um. Sorry again, Dad.


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