How bad could it be?

The water was off when I got home this afternoon. Apparently, there was a little problem.

The orange tube shouldn't be like that.

The cold water is back on now, but I’m not exactly clear when the hot water will be back. Guess I picked the wrong morning to sleep in and and skip showering.

The day doesn’t seem to have been all lost, though. The electric component of the basement finishing project seems to be progressing.

Switch boxes are in.

As are outlet boxes.

Cans are also installed on the celing.

Plus, last night, Tom soddered copper pipes and then today finished installing the tub/shower.

If you squint, you can maybe imagine the blue (or maybe latte/seafoam combo) glass tiles surrounding the new tub/shower above the insert. That's my vision, anyway.

So, like most construction projects, this one goes one step forward, two steps back. T says that Tom described this day as “a living nightmare.”

Hmm. Maybe it’s worse than I think.


One thought on “How bad could it be?

  1. oopsie daisies! Looks like someone was maybe thinking too much about meatball sliders when doing the plumbing! How did the inspection go?

    I’m thinking today was your “rafting day”… everyone have a safe, fun ride!

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