Fair Fotos Caption Contest!!

What can I say, I really like alliterations.

Remember how I went to the Boulder County Fair on Saturday night and made friends with all the livestock and gawked at the prize-winning veggies? Here’s the proof.

Let’s start off with this picture I took just after we got there. We were making our way through the carnival rides. It had rained earlier and the sky was still recovering from the storm. This one just worked out. No photoshopping. Makes me happy when that happens.

Have you ever looked a pig in the eye? It's freaky. They have very human-like eyes.

Goats are the best. They were very active, butting heads through the stalls, eating, looking around. This kid and his twin were playing "king of the mountain" on their mama.

Pretty dairy cow.

Three turkeys lookin' at some chickens.

My rabbit friend, Brad, moved around too much and I couldn't take a good picture of him. This guy held quite still. Look, he has two chins!

Caption contest #1--post your ideas in the comments section!

Caption contest #2--ideas in comments!

Fair Foto caption contest winners will be selected at 9:00 am, Mountain Time, on Friday and announced later that day.

Friday Update: What’s up?!? Not a single comment!?! Oh well. I’ll just have to think up witty things to say about rotting tomatoes and fetid baked goods on my own. You all are no fun.


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