In which they build some walls.

They are making good progress on the basement. Every day when I come home there are new developments. Today, a larger hole in the floor where, I suspect, a shower drain will eventually go. Also, the bathroom is framed in for the tub, and by dinnertime, the “bedroom” (or rec room, man cave, whatever) can have a door. T got a permit from the city this morning, which was a much easier process than we’d anticipated. Hopefully the inspection goes quickly and smoothly. I’ve scheduled it for Wednesday afternoon, so hopefully there will be both pluming and electric and fireguard, and a whole list of stuff for the inspector to look at by then. Maybe I’ll make cookies. That can’t hurt, right?

Anywhoo…As promised in an earlier post, here are some photos of the ongoing renovations.

Step one, take a whole bunch of crap out of the basement. The nice couple across the way took this dresser for their baby girl so we don't have to lug it back downstairs--yay!

T's beer bottle collection. These days, we don't buy anything heavier than Coronas. And, no, I wasn't allowed to give these away to the neighbors.

...and you pile all your crap up in your basement and cover it up to try and protect it from the coming storm of sawdust. See that wire rack? I've had that since I was like 10!

Bedroom/rec room/man cave...before.

Future bathroom/laundry room. Mystery PVC there on the left sticking out of the floor.

A shot looking back down the "hallway". Storage will go around the furnace/water heater and in back of the stairs.

Then the wood showed up. Home Depot delivers. That rake is there on purpose.

Then Brother Tom and Nephew Nick showed up.

And then they built some walls.

And then they put the walls up.

Walls to make a laundry closet in the future bathroom.

Brother Tom doing his thing.

Nephew Luke doing, thing. Yeah.

So, as of now, all the framing is done.  And there is a hole in the floor where a shower drain will hopefully, eventually go. That should give you a sense of how things are going. Are we making good progress? I can’t tell. Any progress is good progress, from my perspective. Check back for more photos and updates.


One thought on “In which they build some walls.

  1. Well, it’s good to see that there is actually some progress, that everyone isn’t out mountain bike riding, or rafting, etc.! (I suppose Nick is busy checking out the cookies upstairs, or is just being camera shy?) Oh, well — Luke can make up for that, though, with his posing.

    Hey, that ladder looks familiar. . .!

    Advice? Just be glad it’s not your kitchen that’s being remodeled or enlarged. That’s a WAY bigger mess and pain in the butt to deal with. This way, you can at least close the door at the bottom of the stairs! Wait, you don’t HAVE a door? Hmm . . . maybe they should do that first thing – install the door?

    Well, have fun!


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