Weekend Update

The house was packed, the schedule was packed. I cried, I laughed, and then I cried some more. Here’s the recap:

  1. Four men stood around scratching their heads, gesturing and pointing, and putting tape on the floor.
  2. We go on a covert, undercover, highly classified, with real fake back story and all, neighborhood real estate snooping campaign to determine just what that PVC pipe is for, anyway? Tub drain, maybe?
  3. There was much hammering, noise, and sawdust from the garage and basement.
  4. Fischer-dwag locked himself in the bathroom and said he wasn’t coming out. Ev.Er. And to please shove biscuits under the door.
  5. Canned a whole mess of dilly beans.
  6. I made a killer sausage and cheese pizza. Got a “10” from the judges.
  7. The dog ate the crumbs and temporarily forgave us for all the hammering, sawing, and banging.
  8. I made friends with a bunny named “Brad”, a pig, and a goat at the Boulder County Fair, and admired prize winning tomatoes and baked goods, which I’m sure looked the part on TUESDAY, but by Saturday night were sprouting green and blue mold and attracting flies. (Photos to come.)
  9. 48.12 miles. 4,466 feet in elevation. 3.307 calories. $1.00 for a Coke in Ward. Saying I’d do it again in 2 weeks = priceless. And I was complaining about last weekend? At least last weekend I could stop and catch my breath. This time, no stopping. If you stop on a bike on a steep hill, you tip over. Very embarrassing and painful.
  10. More banging, hammering, and this time with a sledgehammer (thanks neighbor John for advice and sledgehammer with which to use it!).
  11. Fischer locks himself in the bathroom but forgets I have thumbs and can open the door and come in and comfort him with biscuits.
  12. 10 feet of 4″ aluminum duct. 20 outlet boxes. 1 vanity. 1 bathtub. a fan. 10 can lights. 100 feet of electrical wire. only 2 hours in Home Depot = amazing.
  13. Left my Italian heritage at the door and made this. Sour cream in pasta and calling it lasagna?I know. But I tell you, it was good.
  14. Fell off the counter and step stool, dropping a pile of plates, probably poisoning my family with ceramic shards, and banging a nice goose egg bruise in my right shin. Note to self: Get a bigger step stool or ask for help with those top shelf items.
  15. Oh yeah, and some walls were built.  But, honestly, I had next to nothing to do with that. (Photos to come.)

3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

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