I Need Your Advice

As I mentioned earlier, there was quite the racket coming from our house all weekend long. I made the boys sleep in a bit and hold off on banging, sawing, etc. until at least 8:00 a.m. But Sunday night they went a little late (probably since dinner wasn’t ready, ’cause I was doing back flips off the counters and perfecting my plate balancing skills…not).

Anywhooo…At around 7:15 p.m., our neighbor to the west (it’s a townhome, remember?) actually asked T if we’d be done soon. So, now I’m totally embarrassed and horrified. On Friday afternoon, I had warned these particular neighbors that we were going to start a project this weekend, and to please excuse the dust and noise. And, honestly, I didn’t think 7:15 on a Sunday night was too bad (at least it wasn’t 7:15 AM!). But, I feel bad and want to do something nice for my neighbors, who have indeed been patient with the hammering, sawing, and banging that sometimes rocks the whole building (and since we’re attached, likely their building too).

That’s where you come in.

I need some advice.

What should I do to say, “thanks” to one neighbor for putting up with the noise and dust and another for dolling out advice and sledgehammers? Post your ideas in the comments section below.

If I had something to give away to the “winner” with the best advice, I would…but sadly, I don’t…so let’s just say, whatever idea I go with, I’ll write about it and you can gloat that your idea was the best. Deal?



5 thoughts on “I Need Your Advice

  1. Wine. You can always win over neighbors with wine. Maybe add some cheese. And then secretly, you can giggle to yourself that you gave them Whine and Cheese.

  2. hmm, how ’bout restaurant and/or movie coupons/gift cards for either or both? You know, a night out away from all the noise! If that’s too much, a home cooked meal (single people?) or I also like the wine/cheese idea. I also thought about gift card to HD so they can pay you back “in full” when it’s their turn for DIY project!! but beware of that one! If you like them and socialize with them at all… a nice “sympathy” card with written apologies and invitation of dinner and showing off your new completed project. That’s all I got for you for now.

    Hope you survive the week!

  3. Love the idea of a gift certificate for a night out of some sort (movies/food), etc… I was also going to suggest wine – not super original but definitely appreciated – maybe decorated with a couple of pairs of earplugs and a funny card.

    Honestly though, 7:15 pm? That is kind of early to be complaining. People do make noise in their homes sometimes.

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