First Comes Love

Nephew Nate, the oldest of T’s 11 N&Ns (nieces and nephews) got married last Friday at the Lodge at Cathedral Pines in Colorado Springs. I’d only met bride Brooke once, in a parking lot, where we briefly met to return Nate’s forgotten ski jacket. She was sweet and funny and seemed totally smitten with Nate. Over the following months, I heard through the family how their relationship was developing and so it was no surprise when we first heard the announcement of their engagement and then received an invitation.

Friday was a beautiful day for a wedding and Nate and Brooke picked a great spot to get hitched. The lodge was simple, but elegant, tucked into a stand of pines. The ceremony was personal, broken only by Brooke’s half-laugh, half-tears of happiness. Nephew Jake, I should note, did his job perfectly, right down to the touching toast he gave, honoring both the bride and groom, and those who couldn’t be there (Mom & Dad Toombs, you were especially missed!).

Here’s a few of the pictures I took that day–the ceremony and over the shoulder of the hired photographer for some staged group shots. The reception hall was lit for ambiance, and my dinky flash didn’t do it justice.

Sealed with a kiss! (btw, that back of the head belongs to new "monster in law," T's big sister Jean. And a lovely back of the head it is.

Beautiful bridesmaids and sisters of the groom, Nieces #2 and #3, Allie and Annie.

Nate's in the U.S. Air Force and, as Brooke discovered when they tried to exit the ceremony, she is too, now. The cadet corps raised their swords in salute to the newlyweds, all except the first pair, who crossed theirs, blocking the exit. Then-surprise! A swift sword thwak on the bride's butt! Welcome to the Air Force, ma'am.

Lucky girl that I am, I had TWO dates to this shindig-T and nephew #9, Luke.

Newlyweds and groom's family.


Nate and T goofing off during a lull in photos.

The pose was supposed to be "tough guys."

Me and Luke, hanging out during picture time.

Me and my main squeeze: A self-portrait.


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