Worth waiting for

What do you get when you take this:

Two pats of butter. Oh yeah, you know it's going to be good.

…and saute this in it for a few minutes…

…and then add some leftovers from the crappy charity dinner event you went to the other night…oh, wait, that was just me…

Slightly spicy prosciutto. A little goes a long way.

…and finally these beauties that you grew yourself, toiling in the dirt and the sun for hours and…oh, wait, just me again…

Fresh spring peas.

To pasta…

Salty water, vigorous boil. I let it spill allover because my wonderful man cleans up the kitchen after dinner.

…with a creamy sauce?

You get this:

Fettuccine spaghetti carbonara (with peas and prosciutto; I was out of fettuccine)

Last weekend, when I picked those peas, I started thinking about making this dish (am I the only one—besides my father—who is always thinking three meals ahead?) and it was so totally worth waiting for. Think sophisticated macaroni and cheese. Delicate, sweet and salty and savory; the fresh peas burst in your mouth, the cream sauce is sinful. It was divine.

P.S. A thousand thanks to The Pioneer Woman for tips on taking pictures of food, tips on using the macro setting, Photoshop encouragement, and generally being an inspiration. The pictures are better, no? Not great yet, but I’m working on it.


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