(*GMO = Genetically Modified Organism)

I am going on three days with no deodorant, mostly because I am lazy and haven’t gone to the store to replace the one that fell and broke into tiny pieces on my bathroom floor. On day one I tossed some baby powder up there, but it didn’t do much to help matters, so I’ve given that up and am just trying to keep my distance from people I want to like me.

And then this afternoon while walking the dawg, it dawned on me! All I need is to have some pig genes inserted into my genome and then I won’t sweat anymore!

Yes. I think that would work.

Or I could just go to Target this evening and get a new stock of Secret.

This could work for lots of things though. Just one more example. Today I read about Paul the psychic German octopus who has been predicting the outcome of soccer matches. He’s very good at it, but that’s not really the point. The point is that according to the article, Paul has several brains–one big one in his bulbous head and then little ones in each arm. You see where I’m going with this? Little brains?!? In your extremities?!? That could come in handy. I’d at least like one for my mouth so that maybe I’d think before speaking.

Paul the psychic, German octopus doing his thing.

It’s a good idea and you know it.

If science could make GMO you, what animal or plant genes would you want?

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