I Heart My Pilates Teacher

Last January, I was 4 months into the Great Colorado Cohabitation Experiment, 5 pounds heavier than I wanted to be, not coping well with winter darkness or the 2 hours a day commute, had a sore back all the time, and was generally feeling like crap. Recalling the fantastic results of previous pilates classes in Ogden, I called around to some local studios and finally hit on Pilates Balance in Motion. It was love at first sight, for me anyway. Christina is inspiring, amazing, energetic and serene, so in touch, and so great. She’s Italian and from Back East, like me, which I appreciated. She always knows the right thing to say. In the 6 months that I’ve been going, I’ve lost those 5 pounds, have almost no back pain, have greater flexibility, and have met some really great ladies. Not that we’re all hanging out on weekends or anything, but all the same. When you’re new to a place, its nice to meet anyone, you know?

A couple weeks ago, we made a Big Budget Decision, which has resulted in a save-save-save mantra and so I dropped back to one class a week vs. the 2 I was doing. It was going to save time, save money…only I didn’t expect that it would leave me feeling lame and weak and flabby. Initially, I thought I’d be all motivated and do floor work at home. Weeeeeellll, that hasn’t exactly happened. I don’t know what it is about self-motivation and exercise. I’m getting beyond the point of beating myself up about it and am trying to just navigate within my own inertia. Like right now, for example, I should be riding up Jamestown canyon, but I’m sitting here writing this. Oh well. Anyway, I had my one measly class on Monday. I felt strong enough, like I still had good form and technique, but just loved it and enjoyed it so much that I left feeling melancholy and torn, wanting to save $$, but wanting to work out more…

So we were chatting after class and I said how I miss coming twice a week, but that we are on a budget so…and she was totally understanding and then she hit me with “well, you could just come over and work out. You know, no instruction; we could just work out together.” Internet, I was all over that like a rat on a Cheeto. We made a date. She made my day. I heart her.

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