Home Alone

Dropped T off at the airport this afternoon. He’s going to for a conference. I’ve come home, worked a few more hours, and am trying to gather the energy and “oomph” to get out and ride my bike, walk the dog, make something nutritious for dinner. When I lived in Blacksburg, VA, I rather liked living alone. These days, the townhouse-minus-one situation is not so fun. The beast is not a great conversationalist; he really only answers questions, and that’s only by moving to one of two locations–the food bowl and the door. Mostly it is me and the TV for background noise. Tonight, at least, the New Fatties is on, so at least I have “purpose.”

Actually, I do have goals. Write, blog, post…all of the above? Check. I hope to finish the 2 coconuts blog and share more here. Turns out at least one person is reading and I wouldn’t want to disappoint.

Fischer-dawg is being a total freakazoid tonight. Maybe he hears thunder that I don’t? Who knows. Earlier, we were going to play with Lobster (stuffed toy shaped like name, has lasted nearly a YEAR, which is unheard of) and he got all weird about the gas fireplace. Its not on, obviously, because it is summer. He woofed at it. Neurotic dog. He’ll probably spend the entire week staring at the back door, waiting…waiting…waiting…


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