It’s not easy being green

I know, I know, two in ONE DAY. I’m on a roll. Watch out.

While whiling away the last few hours of the week from proposal hell, I decided to figure out how to take the bus to work. See, I live an hour away from my office (by circumstance, not choice) and the daily commute gets to be a drag and an expensive gas suck. I had heard rumors about an upcoming bus route extension that would provide public transit from my life town to my work town, and when reading up on life-town news, discovered that the fabled route is due to start on Monday. “Hoo-ray!” I thought. But no. Not so much.

I downloaded maps and schedules with infinitely small font from two separate web sites, busted out the highlighter, located stops on google.maps and come to find out that if I catch the 6:49 a.m. bus outta life-town, 2 bus rides and a 30 minute transfer layover later I’ll get to campus (I work at a university) at 8:45 a.m, TWO HOURS LATER.

What the @*@#&!??!?!?

T called and I was like, “You were RIGHT. It does take longer to take the bus.” (he’d contended this since I first brought it up, but I’m a seeing is believing type of person so it was still truly a revelation to me). I went on to complain that how were people supposed to be greener and take public transit when it takes twice the time of a giant carbon footprint solo drive?!?! Perhaps it is obvious to you, internet, but it wasn’t to me. T had to explain. Its not for greeness. Its for people

[Station Break: at 1:57 pm the budget people still had not sent our proposal. She was still making changes. I will literally SHIT if this does not happen. You. Have. No. Idea.]

who are poor, he says, and/or don’t have cars. I was like, oh. And then, that’s dumb.

Plus they don’t have internet, internet. And that’s the dumbest part of all. Because if they did, I’d be all over it. 4 hour round-trip commute? Who cares if  in 2 days of commuting I’d have worked a whole extra day and I like long weekends.

[Another Station Break: Submission time stamp = 2:03 p.m. That’s 3 minutes late. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.]

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