Second wind

I vow to write more regularly. Oh, who am I kidding, this is probably my 5th or 6th wind. Maybe I am just an intermittent blogger and I should stop beating myself up over it.

Seems like a good day to start a second wind though. Yesterday, wind wise, I was more like a cyclone, ripping through a dirty kitchen, dog-haired carpets, and befouled bathrooms like nobody’s business. Plus made 2 dinners in an hour. Having started off the morning by taking nearly an hour to set up a simple file hanger, it surprised me that I managed to get through all that stuff. Ultimately, I won the wrestling match with the file hanger and now the bed is no longer the file storage area (hurry, someone come visit and sleep in it before it all goes to hell again!). I also de-loused the computer, the small Eee. The IBM laptop is still in critical condition at Geek Squad where they are holding it for a large ransom. Can you total a computer? Why yes, apparently so, especially if its an old hunk of junk to start. The IBM was a second-hand purchase, and worth every penny, but now has taken on cat-like, 9-lives qualities.

Today is already off to a good start. Its not even 8 yet and I’m up, steaming mug of coffee and peanut-buttered Italian bread half gone. Ted has fed, let out, and played with the dawg who I will walk momentarily and then come back to get some stuff done! More stuff! Watch out! Today, I hope to make 2 phone calls and write one article. At least one article? Well, we’ll see. Oh, and a press release for UribCulture Farms, a cool CSA in the Denver area. They grow veg on other people’s yards (with permission, of course) thereby solving the biggest hurdle to farming–land.  I started a shared garden again this year with a friend who lives a couple miles away and we think this idea is fantastic, ripe for the picking (oh, a gardening joke, how funny. Not.), but lack the hutzpha to move it forward. She’s suggested taking over her neighbor’s plot, for starts. I’m game. Gardening takes as much effort as you want. I doubt we’ll grow enough to feed other people, though. It will probably just be enough for ourselves. There were only a few rare occasions where Tina and I had enough to give away last year. Peas, I recall, we had coming out of our ears. But otherwise, it all got eaten.

Well, I’ll cut out here. Dog is looking at me longingly and I can’t resist those sweet brown eyes. More later, maybe much later, but later for sure.

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