Wow, that was actually good

It’s CSA pick up week again. I cannot believe its come so soon. I still have potatoes! They are all sprouting eyes and many have gone mush, but I’m not giving up. Tonight, grilled chicken with, you guessed it, potatoes!! We’re both a little sick of them and I’m lining up friends for give away on this next batch, or might just take them to the food pantry and bask in good karma.

I had 5 beets left as of Monday. My last attempt at beet roasting wasn’t great. They just seemed undercooked. I tried nuking them in the microwave to make up for time in the oven, several days after they’d initially been roasted and that didn’t help. But, feeling desperate, I decided to give it another go. So, on Monday night I lovingly rubbed each beet in olive oil and wrapped it in its own piece of tin foil and baked it for 60-70 minutes on 400 and, man, if that didn’t work much better. After cooling a bit, the skins came off easily with a knife, and they were cooked evenly through.

Last night, I cut three of them into cubes and tossed them with baby spinach, goat cheese, toasted walnuts, and Tait Farm Vinaigrette. It all got rather purple in the tossing process. I guess that’s to be expected, though. I fed it to friends for dinner and they liked it. There were leftovers, to which I added a bit more spinach and brought for lunch. My goodness, it was good. Sweet, because of the beets, but the cheese and the walnuts cut that nicely. A little crunch from the spinach and nut added some substance to an otherwise “soft” array of foods. Still purple, but I highly recommend the combination.

There are still 2 roasted beets at home. Not sure what their fate will be, but something will happen to them tonight. I’ll let you know.

PS. Sorry for the lack of photos, I was really hungry and forgot to snap one before I ate it all.


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