I should be out doing something fun

It is day 2 in New Orleans. I should be out doing something fun, but I’m sitting in my hotel room switching between Obama’s meeting with the Republicans and “Birth Day” on TLC in the hopes that the cleaning people hear the TV and don’t knock (perplexingly, this room lacks a “do not disturb” sign). I’m catching up on emails and blogs of interest, and trying to reach out to some of the complete strangers who are here, that I will meet later, but who might also need to eat lunch nowish. The reaching out is not working yet. I sent emails. Doesn’t every lawyer carry a email receiving electronic device?

It’s finally started raining in earnest. Drops are spattering on the windowpane and running down. How discouraging. I was thinking of going to this place just outside the Quarter and pick up party supplies for Becca and I–she came up with the awesome idea of having a Mardi Gras themed b-day party in a couple weeks. So, we need beads, feathered masks, etc. And a small porcelain baby to bake in the King Cake. But now its raining. Look, I moved to the arid west because I’m not into raindrops fallin’ on my head, so this is a serious deterrent. Yes, I have an umbrella. But I bought it at Wal-Mart (gasp! I swear, its the ONLY thing I’ve bought there in YEARS) so it was probably made in China with toxic materials that will leech through with the rain, fall on my head, and give me brain cancer. Its not wise to go out.

Eventually I will get hungry and I suppose that will be motivating. In the meantime, I will investigate good lunch spots that are nearby. Oh yes. This is a good idea. Very promising. Maybe once I’m out, I will actually enjoy myself and go walk around and stuff. I’ll keep you posted.


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