Action are…just that, actions.

T sent me this email, I read it right when I got home and had just taken off my coat:

Did you know that in psychology we were taught that actions come before motivation, not the other way around? What this means is that you have to do things first, then you feel motivated to do them more. So, if you just go home and run, like its brushing your teeth and you have to do it, then you’ll feel better and be more motivated to do it again tomorrow.

So, guess what, Internet? I ran. 30 minutes. Only stopping to pick up after Fischer. He, at the other end of the leash, seemed peeved at first. “We’re going too fast, I can’t sniff anything!” But after a while he settled into it and I did too and remembered why I like running.

Now I’m working on the poached chicken. So far, its going very well and at least smells quite good. T is sniffing around the pan where the chicken is now poaching. I’ll post a photo when its done. It uses a pound of potatoes. I guestimate that I have probably 20 pounds left. Maybe less. I’m still only about 1/2 way through one of the big bags. But they aren’t going bad, which is a relief. ‘Cause I was worried about that. I was.


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