I suck at this

This blogging thing is hard. Honestly, I have ideas every day about what to write, I take endless photos of the food I make (to the tune of many strange looks from T), and occasionally I even log on. I have intentions. I have words. I just never seem to manage to put them down. I am afraid of having readers who I will ultimately just disappoint with my abject neglect.

Things I would have written about this week if I’d gotten around to it:

– Crying the the car because now, not only do the corporations own the information, they own the government too and which European country can I move to that will be sufficiently glamorous and the food sufficiently delicious that my family will occasionally visit me?

– My dog and the possibility that he is not an obsessive, neurotic, worry wart, but simply hard of hearing. What?

– The latest “Colorado Sucks” adventure–hiking the Homestead Meadows area with friends).

– The roasted beets I made.

– The teriyaki pork tenderloin with nappa cabbage salad I made last night and didn’t even photograph (thank goodness for leftovers).

– How I saw that the farm I’m CSAing with at the moment and who only saw fit to give me 4 lousy onions is not being stingy for lack of onions, oh no, its more like for want of a better deal, see below.

– How my mom asked me today, “What does ttnf mean?” which I thought was so adorable.

Maybe this weekend I’ll manage more than a short snippet in a list about the goings-on in my life and in my head.

Oh, and if anyone is actually reading this (if you are, I’m sorry), might I suggest ending your misery now and go read this instead–Waffle–it’s been nominated for a Blogger award, that’s how good it is.

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