January’s bounty

On Thursday, after work and a run to Whole Foods (where I found CO mushrooms and tortillas!) and Wilbur’s (for wine, of course), I picked up my first share from Grant Family Farms. It was waiting for me in a large green plastic bin stacked up with two other shares on the front porch of a home on the west side of Longmont. Internet, it was overwhelming. I mean, I read the list of what to expect, but apparently I really didn’t process or comprehend what 24 POUNDS OF POTATOES and 5 POUNDS OF BEETS really looks like. ‘Cause I’m here to tell you, that’s a lot of potatoes. I loaded the contents of the box into my reusable grocery bags (never leave home without them), and hauled it all home. I think my gas mileage went down, from the weight.

Once I got them home, of course I piled it all up on the dining room table to take a photo to show you. T & I looked at the pile in awe. “Remember, its fora month, ” I tried to be optimistic. “I don’t think we can eat all that. Its a good thing I like potatoes,” he said. “Yeah,” I said, “it is.”

Have you ever thought about joining a CSA? Well, in case you have or are currently contemplating going down that road, stay tuned for cautionary tales, and hopefully, delightful food reviews. I promise to post recipes and photos of all the meals made from the produce, flour, beans, and eggs above. Too bad the internet isn’t scratch and sniff.

A word on dirt

This stuff was dirty. Like covered in dirt, dirty. It looked like the beets and carrots had been spending the winter in the ground, only to be unearthed for this delivery. I cleaned them up for this photo and that took probably 20 minutes, scrubbing and rinsing at the sink. After the photo shoot, there was bagging and much “where the hell am I going to put these potatoes?!?” I decided to store them in the garage. Usually, when I get in my car in the morning to go to work, the thermostat registers 40’s so, I figure they will be okay out there. If it gets really cold at night, I might have to bring them in.

A word on proportions

As you may have heard, I got a LOT of potatoes. And beets. But only 4 onions. I use onions daily. Beets–not so much. So, despite this food investment, I’ll likely have to purchase onions at the store. Given my cooking ambitions for the weekend, I might need more by Monday. This is an unfortunate part of the “random” style of CSA. A very few others (Tait Farms in central PA, for example, which my parents belong to), let you make your own selections. Others (sorry, no example, but I’ll look–or maybe you know of one?) give you a “random” box, but then also let you “swap out” the stuff you are not likely to eat. I think for many people, joining a CSA is daunting because of the “random” box of food. I mean, what if we didn’t like beets? You see what I mean, right?

A couple casualties

Two of the beets were dead on arrival. I salvaged most of one of them, so I guess, really, that’s only one and a half lost. Not bad. I hadn’t considered this when I signed up, that some stuff might not survive a) winter or b) the transit. In the grand scheme of things, though, 1.5 rotten beets isn’t much to complain about.

So, I’m off to the kitchen to try and turn my treasure into something worth eating. I’ll keep you posted.

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