Pancake Secular Confessional–Christmas edition

Waffle posted her secular confessional today. I thought it was brave. I though, “I could do that, but what if my mother reads it?” Because I’m a complete wimp, you see. But, bolstered by Waffle’s confidence (or apathy, hard to tell sometimes), I’ve decided to play along. You can too, unless, of course, you were a complete angel this Christmas, in which case 1) I don’t believe you, and 2) F-off.

1. I shamelessly re-gifted two pieces of jewelry. I gave my mother the heart-shaped earings with (real!) diamonds given to me by my wasband’s father as a wedding gift (of sorts). I don’t do heart-shaped adornments and had never worn them. I also gave my sister a “K” charm given to me by wasband’s mother, same occasion. “K” was for my old last name, and is also for my sister’s name, so there you go.

2. I was rude to my sister. A. Lot. My parents were very disappointed. I am sorry for how I acted. But only a little. She has been completely difficult of late and I just didn’t feel at all like cooperating and being nice. I’m over it though. Hopefully she is too and we can move on. Being disagreeable and fighting with her is exhausting and never gets anyone anywhere.

3. I didn’t take the time to wrap presents for T. The things I got him were unplanned and spur of the moment. I had thought I would be different, taking time and finding the perfect, heartfelt item. But no. He does like his gifts and, karma being what it is, didn’t wrap mine either. And I didn’t care.

4. After going on and on about how I wanted a “gift-free” holiday this year, I was ridiculously happy with the gifts I received, even going so far as to internally reconsider my former staunchness on this issue. I admit it. I liked getting things. Especially when those things were beautiful house decor, scarves, and a wee, itty, bitty computer. The confession, then, is not so much that I liked it, because that’s obvious and rather “duh”, I mean, everyone likes getting presents, but more that I was an ass about not getting gifts, before hand. I need to just relax about it all.

5. I took advantage of my wonderful, sweet, fantastic dog boarder, dropping him off after hours, and rather last minute (realizing only the night before that we’d be leaving at like 4 a.m. and she really wouldn’t be open then). Also, he was suffering from a nasty intestinal bug. Totally contagious. To dogs AND humans. Yeah. Gross. She wasn’t psyched. I brought her jams as a thank you gift. Does that help? Hmm. Jams vs. contagious intestinal parasite? Right. Probably not. I thought I was more organized than that–pulling a last minute drop off like that. And a better dog owner–I won’t even get into how he contracted this bug…well, okay, I’ll tell you. Coprophagy. Look it up if you don’t know.

Humph. I was reluctant, but that was pretty easy. And I feel much better now.

Note to self: Use the internet for confessions of guilt and remorse. It is very therapeutic.


One thought on “Pancake Secular Confessional–Christmas edition

  1. Congrats on posting so much! What a feat! I sorta get in the habit of not checking up on the few fellow bloggers I know. I finally got around to checking and lo and behold, there’s like a bajillion posts on here for me to read. AND they are mostly about FOOD! I love that you and Ted are trying the locavore thing. Missy and I would love to do that, but it’s difficult on a college campus…I like to daydream about my future life though and imagine lots of yummy omelets and sucky hikes. Hope things are as well as they seem (minus work and other stupid adult obligations)!

    Oh and I love blog confessionals. Definitely the way to go. Don’t let Oprah try to tell you otherwise!

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