One big happy…

This year, full of Christmas spirit, my little, um, family?, went out and had pictures of itself taken and is sending them to all its friends. That the idea came from T, not me, is totally cool. He’s into this kind of “recording our lives” thing, and doesn’t make fun of me for keeping like every little ticket stub and trivial memento since I met him. [They are all in a box. I don’t go so far as to scrapbook, ew.] I think its the ‘family’ part I’m still growning used to. In a good way. Oye, don’t be reading this and get all freaked out that I have “cold feet” about anything, ’cause I don’t. But, bear with me, people, its an adjustment! For both of us! Well, probably just for me, but whatever, its my blog so that’s what I’ll write about.

So, we got the super special friend deal from our super special friends Brian and Debbie, (check out their fabulousness here) and made a date to take some pictures at a trailhead south of Boulder. They were great, Brian gave us calm directions while Debbie squeeked away on Fischer’s lobster toy and danced around, making us laugh and smile.

And they turned out great (don’t worry, samples at the end). It was just strange to look at them for the first time. I guess its like looking for your car in a really full parking lot. You know what you car looks like and you are searching for it and scanning around and you see one that kind of looks like it, but sometimes you get it wrong and sometimes you have to look at little closer to make sure that it’s really your car–where are my stickers, and that little dent, oh yeah, there they are. I think that’s how I’ve been feeling for the past couple years. I’ve been looking for my car in a really full parking lot after hours of disorienting mall shopping. And now I found it…but looking at these photos was like that moment of doubt when you’re not totally sure you’ve spotted it, and then you see the little dings and beautiful imperfections and you realize, oh yeah, this is it.

In case that made no sense at all, here’s the best of the best. Knock ya’selves out.


One thought on “One big happy…

  1. Haha, props to Fischer for that awesome smile in the last one! The first one looks really nice. I hope your portrait session was filled with less chaos than ours–using my little camera’s self timer required much frantic crawling from tripod to fireplace and many many attempts for that perfect shot (with no crooked smiles, head-thrown-back laughs, or shut eyes), and it’s still not perfect! We’ll send trade ya photos!

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