It’s a marshmallow world

I’m working on my second snow day at home in a row. Despite careful calorie counting, normal amounts of wakefulness, and regular exercise I feel as though I am turning into a hibernating bear, minus the fur. I have no interest in leaving my den (house). Thankfully neither does little bear (Fischer-dawg). He’s curled up on his big bed, having had breakfast (yum! kibbles again!) and gone outside for the fastest bathroom break EV. ER. It’s bone chilling single digit temps out there. Plus windchill, its probably below zero. In the last 10 minutes the really purposeful snow has begun to fall and we are anticipated to get several inches as the day goes by. My boss just called to say “I hope you are staying home today” which, *phew!*, instantly melted away all that guilt and anxiety I was having about staying home yet again.

But, I digress. What I really wanted to say here was this: My first thought upon waking and looking out the window was, “Its a marshmallow world in the winter, when the snow comes to cover the ground.” You see, T and I have this special thing going on this holiday season…brace yourself for a super-dorky revelation…we try to use Christmas carol phrases in regular conversation. For example, we were going to dinner at a friend’s house over the weekend and T looks at me earnestly and says, “Shall we don our gay apparel?” You get the idea. But there has been some great debate in the house (which has expanded to include the rellies) about my favorite line, the one I thought of this morning (I’m not going to type it again, reference the top of this paragraph to refresh your memory). Well, let the debate end. NOW. I have PROOF! And you (yes, you and you and you…you know who you are) will all be ASHAMED of yourselves for not remembering this CLASSIC Christmas ditty. Here’s Dean Martin–DEAN MARTIN people! How could you not know a DEAN MARTIN carol??!?!?–complete with smokes, fake tan, and oddly empty fully decorated living room. Who the hell is he singing TO anyway?

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