So much for date night


Its 5:20 and I’m in front of the TV with a pillow behind me, trying to get my back to chill out. 20 minutes of stretching on the floor didn’t help, this isn’t either, frankly, and I am at a loss. Its an obvious understatement to say that the back/spine are pretty critical members of the whole body-parts team. When they’re not playin’, no one’s playing.

T’s working on his computer. Helping someone prep for a meeting tomorrow with a rich, grumpy rancher who apparent isn’t into face-to-face meetings anyway. My sympathies to the people assigned to field that one. I think those guys just want to bitch at you for a while and for you to exude empathy and sympathy for a while. Then we can all be friends. Its worked for me in the past, anyway.


T comes at me with this one today: “Do you want to move to British Colombia?” Indeed. Some fabulous job opening up there apparently. My answer? Well, frankly, and don’t I feel sort of sappy-lame for saying so, but I would follow T to the ends of the earth. He’s that all-that. So I said “go for it” ’cause I’m getting good at this moving thing. Only I also said I wouldn’t leave my job one minute before one year because I made a promise and I love those guys. Anyway, for now its a non-issue. So, don’t ask us about it, okay? We haven’t even talked about it and we’re not excitable people in that way so don’t fish for drama in this pond, okay? But in all seriousness, I’d be psyched for T to try something new, especially this particular something new, and hey, living in Canada counts and I’d get to be an expat, fulfilling that lifelong dream. Never been to BC, but I hear it’s nice.


I don’t know why I like this show. I’ve been challenged on it many times and have never come up with a good answer. But I do. Every chance I get, I watch it. I’m not into weddings. I’m REALLY not into the whole mega-monster wedding industry. NOT. AT. ALL. But I love this show.

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