I’m baaaack

What’s it been, like 3 months or something since my last post. What a slacker am I, indeed. I’ve thought about many a thing I could write on here in that time but just never seemed to get around to it. What makes today different? Not quite sure. Also not quite sure it matters.

Fischer-dawg seems to have contracted a little doggie virus whilst at Happy Hounds last week. T and I were in Illinois celebrating turkey-day with T’s family, midwestern-style, and so Fisch had to go to jail. I mean, the SPA. Dropping him off was awful. Last time, sweet Olivia, the proprietor of Happy Hounds, whisked him off and there wasn’t much of a farewell. This time, I helped her to take him back, holding the leash and walking him back to his cell–I mean, SUITE, myself. We got close to the door and he turned on his heel, headed back in the general direction of T, the car, and HOME, and it was me at the other end of the leash tugging and pleading and “good boying” him into the backroom–or DOGGIE HELL, as I think he perceived it to be. In his suite, he sat forlornly on his bed and accepted my apologies and kisses and then I just about ran outta there, blinded by my own tears. Back in the car, T provided 110% empathy and patted my knee while I sniffled and sniffed and looked out the window, trying to hid this and be tough.

Homecoming was a complete joy. Much licking and jumping for joy all around. Ever since, though, Brownpants has had yellowish goopy stuff coming out of both eyes and this morning, a small bit came out of his nose. I am thinking he’ll just get over it. Or at least that he’ll survive until next Tuesday when the vet visit is free. Perhaps I aught make chicken soup? Sick or not, I know he’d love that.

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