I could get used to this

For the last two days, I’ve been a stay at home…um…”person”. I mean, I’m not a mom, a housewife, or anything like that. I’m just waiting for my new job to start next Monday and so I’m hanging around my new home for the week, unpacking what was in the car and organizing and walking the dog. The unpacking isn’t taking much time. There was a minor “casualty”–some stuff in a plastic container that got wet and mouldy on the trip, but washed/dry cleaned right back to normal. All that’s left are a few last items in the Yakama box. Organizing has been fun, actually. We spent 2 hours at The Container Store last night and came home with a 6-foot “solution” (as TCS people call it) for our shoe/misc crap storage problem in the garage. I also got a clothes dryer–with a mesh top for shirts that have to lay flat to dry; I’m beyond excited about this item, which really says a lot about my personality, I’m afraid–and a couple hampers that fit in the now closet-for-2 better than the old ones did. The old ones now hold his/her shoes so that we can easily move them out of the way this weekend when “solution” install starts. In other organizational news, I arranged all the shirts in the closet by color (Ted’s face when I announced this over picnic dinner last night=priceless), and opportunistically shift items around in the pantry when I’m standing there. The kitchen and pantry will be challenging. Ted hates having stuff on the counter but, as “Director of Food Aquisition and Preparation” I want oil, spices, and spoons to be handy and easily within reach. I suggested the suction rails and accessories that hold all these necessities up on the backspash and was quickly shot down. I might still go get it and give it a shot. We’ll see. It will be easier for me to judge the whole thing once the pod arrives with the contents of an entire specialty food items store packed inside. Seriously, I have a lot of kitchen stuff.

Now, I’m hanging out in the living room, catching up on email and blogs I follow, and waiting for some barley to finish cooking. I’m making veggie chili for dinner. The barley will go in it, as a chewy, nutritious meat “substitute” of sorts. Veggies on tap for the chili include colorful peppers, onion, and zucchini. All organic. The first step in our gradual shift to organic, local food. Yup, somewhere in Kansas, we decided to become locovores. Well, to start. I mean, no one grows coffee in Colorado, but that’s still on the shopping list. Chocolate too. But, eggs, milk, meat, veggies, and some grains–all those are potential “local items”. My first research objective will be a Google search for farmer’s markets where I can hopefully get hooked up with some local veggies (the chili fixin’s are just organic from the supermarket), eggs, and meat. I love farmer’s markets–all the bright, colorful produce, people walking around with cloth bags brimming, its a veritable treasure hunt for food. I’m looking forward to exploring the local eats, one hand in Ted’s, the other holding my travel mug, my head racing with menu ideas inspired by the freshly picked selections around me.

Between menu planning, food prep, shopping, organizing, laundry, dog walking, keeping up with ice cubes, cleaning, making the bed, and checking the mail, I wonder how I will get it all done and commute 2 hours a day and work 8. I could get used to staying home like this. I mean, I’ve been doing some important stuff. That ice cube tray needed refilling! That dog needs walking! That red shirt cannot be in with those green ones!

Alas…in a few short days, it will be off to work I go.

Picture 021

This makes me happy.

This makes me happy.

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