Everything is fine here

Everything here is fine. If I say that enough, it may become true. Just trying to hold on through the really sad parts that were expected to arrive right about…last weekend…and last through…oh, Friday morning or so. Almost there. Breaking up is hard to do, no matter if its people, places, or things. Thankfully, the logistics have been a cake-walk (what is a cake-walk anyway? is that like walking the plank but you fall into cake instead of shark infested waters?) leaving me more time to deal with the emotional stuff.

Got a text from Misty-Ann (maybe for the first time ever) saying the gestational diabetics test was negativo so that’s good news. Johanna wrote to say that “jellyfish” (that’s what we call it) is waving its arms and legs and its heart is beating away just like its supposed to do and fuzzy blob pictures are on the way. So much in life is changing these days, that this move really seems minor, in the grand scheme of things.

So, time to put away my tears and smile. The sun is shining on this day and on life in general and everything is fine here.

Everything is fine here.

Everything is fine here. Mighty fine.

(I think it’s working.)

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