Brought to you by the letter T

I’m such a ‘_ard. Hones_ly. I am. I s_ar_ed  his o_her blog abou_  _he road  _rip and inni_ially _i_led i_ “Destination Colorado” bu_ _hen changed _he name to “From Point A to Point B.” Bu_ _ha_’s not ac_ually _he poin_. _he poin_ is, I forgo_ _he “t” in “destination,” making i_ “deSINation,” which is wha_ makes me an idio_.

Who knew a missing  “t” could be such a big deal?

Well, I fixed it. Exported the misspelled blog, created a new, correctly spelled blog (I hope), and imported the old one. Piece of cake.

Can’t wait until Dad gets wind of this. He’s going to have an absolute field day.

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