Roasted Chipmunk?

We had a bit of excitement at work this afternoon. I noticed something was up when my server stopped working. Then I saw Fred headed out onto the lawn between the Mansion (where our offices are) and the Carriage Barn. I headed down to see what was up, camera in hand.

Apparently someone smelled something and so they cleared out the Carriage Barn, killed the servers, and called the Woodstock Fire Department. We all stood out on the lawn for a bit, swapping theories, and wondering if the whole place was gonna blow. Ranger Tony proposed that it was an electrocuted chipmunk, apparently because it smelled good, (presumably, like delicious  roasted chipmunk, although I don’t even want to think about why he knows that). In the end it turned out to be the spent motor on a  10-year-old refrigerator.


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