Countdown to the Tour begins…

THE TOUR starts next week, on July 4th. The Tour de France. That’s “The Tour of France” for all you who don’t speak French. Only six short days until my mornings will be filled with exclamations, in heavily accented British, like, “He’s absolutely suffering!” Yay! I can hardly wait.

I started the countdown today by watching old Tour footage on Vs. Formerlly OLN, this is where I will be glued in the coming weeks. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have cable? Its awesome.

Apparently, Lance Armstrong is back this year. Retirement and running must have gotten booring. Interestingly, doesn’t list him as one of their 9 riders to watch this year. But, apparently he’s altitude training in Aspen? Who knows. I for one, hope someone beats him soundly and he slinks back into retirement and fundraising. Enough is enough, already.

So, no big fav for me. Like last year, when I watched every day in Brad’s messy livingroom at 7am sharp (having friends who wake up early and have cable–also awesome), this year I think I’ll let my fandom evolve.  I just hope I get to watch the first few stages. When I told Ted, very excitedly, that THE TOUR was starting on the 4th, he said, “What?” Not a good sign. So, probably no 7 am vigils until I get back to Vermont, but I’m sure I’ll catch the highlights. Not like I’m going to trade hanging out with my sweetie for a week for THE TOUR. Sorry, Tour, its not even a contest.

Anyway, don’t be scared, I’m not a huge TOUR fan. Only a small one. I think its entertaining and I like all the strategy and mind games. But I’m not a fanatic-fan. Look, I don’t even know for sure who’s in it, right? Guess that’s part of launching the countdown, a reason to start reading up on all the teams and riders and stages now, so I can cheer and jeer with intellegence.

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