Rainy Sunday

Arrived on the mountain yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. Adam is out of town for a couple weeks, so I’m here to watch the petz, but will mostly be staying at Steve&Tina’s house with Selin and Gully who are house sitting while Steve&Tina are in Florida, installing a kitchen in Tina’s sister’s house. Arriving here was instantly relaxing. The chickens clucking in the yard are soothing and calming (yes, even the punctuating crow of a rooster can be calming, once you know to expect it), the dogs are loving and always want to get pets, and there are tons of birds flitting through the yard. I spent a long time yesterday watching a ruby-throated hummingbird tank up on nectar from the pink flowered bush in full bloom by the front porch. It was lovely.

I did a little weeding. The garden looks amazing! Selin and Gully re-did the fencing so that the entire area is encircled and safe. There is an entry at the top and one on the lower corner. The greens are flourishing, and the peas have found their strings and cages and are climbing skyward. There is still room for beans and a few hard squashes along the bottom and the far side.

Last night, Gully made a fantastic dinner: Beet and feta ravioli with arugula-radish greens pesto and a mixed greens and radish salad. Most of the ingredients came fresh from the garden. It was lovely.

This morning I woke up to a light rain. Fischer was happy to sleep in. I got out of bed and lay down on the rug next to him which he thought was fabulous. We did some stretching, scratching, and happy wagging. Then, after a lot of coughing and hacking (my cold is in its death throes), I went downstairs and outside to check out the morning chicken routine and go up to feed the catz.

Simon had clearly just woken up. His eyes were half open and he was slow and groggy. I doled out the morning ration and he started crunching away. Fischer also had breakfast and I went upstairs to look for Zoot. There was no sign of him in the bedroom or in the front room. Big sigh. He wasn’t there last night either when I went up to lock him in the house. I’m worried, but don’t want to panic or get too worked up about it. There is a feral cat in the area and they’ve scrapped once or twice already, so that could have him delayed. It was raining both times I went up, last night and this morning, so maybe he was holed up somewhere, avoiding the weather. I’ll keep checking. Hopefully he turns up. So far, he always has.

We’re getting ready to go for a walk now. I think I’ll do some more weeding and try to get the beans planted. We’ll see if the weather cooperates. If not, I’ll read, drink tea, and see if Ted can Skype this afternoon. I could use a day of doing nothing.


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