PS4 Reuntion I

I arrived in White Plains, NY last night (Friday) night around 7:00pm to a party for Yonkers NY Public School 4’s 8th grade graduating class of 1953–my dad’s graduating class. They had just sat down to dinner. Dad announced my arrival to his former classmates and their guests (embarrassing x2 ’cause he did it twice), there were hugs for the people I’d heard so much about over the years, and then I hid in the food line. I am here to document the event–take pictures, record stories, that kind of thing. I was hoping to go unnoticed. That’s the nice thing about being behind the camera, you’re not usually in any of the pictures. Its not that I’m shy (’cause I’m not), just that this weekend is for them to reconnect, recollect, and reunite. In that spirit, they did a little slide show with pictures from 8th grade graduation and a few other events. It was great. They all have so many stories about each other, the teachers, the neighborhood…more than I’m ever going to be able to keep track of. I don’t know how oral historians do it.

I’m going to help Dad set up a blog for this event so that everyone has a place to go to look at the pictures. I’ll link up to it later so you can see what I’m talking about.


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