I’m going to do this thing.

I read several blogs, I ask other people to write blogs as part of my job, I’m even supposed to do some posting for work. I tried to start a personal blog a year and a half ago but it flopped. Maybe it’s like quitting, and I have to try again. That’s my working hypothesis…so here goes…

Just finished packing for the weekend. Tomorrow, I head to White Plains/Yonkers, NY to help out with my dad’s 8th grade class reunion. The PS4 gang will turn 70 this year and its been a while–what better excuse do they need? I’m there to take pictures, man the computer and projector, other duties as assigned. I’ve managed to pack without help from my mom or Ted (who cringed over the black shorts I’m bringing for Saturday–he thinks they are too long), I’ve got route options mapped (thanks Google!), and there wasn’t any food in the house to begin with (I just got back from 5 days in Maine–more on that later) so I don’t have to fret over anything going bad.

Probably time for some tea, TV vegetation, and then bed. Better get to it.


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